First act sneak peek in-person presentation coming, and a shout-out for voice talent!

Hey, you!  Yes you, dear reader!  Do you happen to live in Northern Massachusetts or Southern New Hampshire?  Well, if so, you may be interested to know that we’ll be doing an evening demo presentation of the first act of our Radio Drama at some of the local libraries in the Massachusetts Middlesex County area, and you’re invited to join us!

I say demo because this is more of a test-shot type of a showing we’re planning.  The music is a mix of John William’s original scores and Tim’s incomplete original compositions, whereas the finished project will be solely Tim’s score.  The reading itself is planned to be solely by yours truly, which won’t be the case in the finished product.  And Pete is hurriedly working on trying to get a few images for us that he’s satisfied with to give a bit of a visual background to the whole thing as well.

Once we have the locations, dates, and times finalized, we’ll be sure to post them all up here on the website.  I’m putting the news out there a bit early (we’re still a few weeks out), because I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to remind folks again that if they themselves, or if they know of anyone, who does a great vocal impression of any of the Star Wars cast, past or present, to please be sure to reach out to us at our Contact Us page as we are actively seeking voice talent for the project!

We’ve been having a great time putting this together, and we look forward to sharing that fun with more fans such as yourself or someone you know who might be interested in lending their talents to an exciting project for a great cause.