Hey everybody!  With the holiday’s fast approaching, we know that like many of you pretty soon we’ll all be wrapped up in our vacation and family plans until the new year.  So, with that said I’ve decided to get ahead of it all and wanted to let folks know that we probably won’t be back with any updates until 2019 rolls around, but we want to wish you, yours, and your fellow Wookiee Life Day’ers a happy and safe holiday season.

But fret not!  We’ll be back next year with more to share, as today we leave you with this beautiful reminder that yes, no matter what we all want to believe, the Star Wars Holiday Special does exist, and it’s cannon.  A fact being contemplated for all time by Han Solo himself in this moment.  😉

The Star Wars universe's version of "It's the thought that counts..."

What looks like a bad Photoshop job is actually Chewbacca in his Life Day robe…

Happy Holiday’s everyone, and as always… until next time!  😀

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