IX on IX?

There’s a question that’s arisen over the past week, and it’s one worth us taking a moment to cover as it will surely come up again.

As we’ve discussed other Star Wars properties on this site before that are outside of our project, such as in regards to the video game Star Wars: Battlefront II or the film Solo: A Star Wars Movie, it makes sense that folks might wonder what our thoughts are on the recent, past, or future news about Lucasfilm’s official Star Wars Episode IX due out in the winter of 2019.  Well, to clear up the curiosity, we will not be discussing the upcoming Disney film here on www.episodeix.org.

We certainly have our thoughts on it, and constantly evolving opinions, but to give substance to our project, we need to present it in a world where Star Wars: The Last Jedi was the last episodic film that was produced.  Our unrelated, unofficial Episode IX Radio Drama is the direct sequel to that film and the other seven before it, and is the only Episode IX that exists in the universe of this website and project.

At some point, we may revisit discussing the upcoming theatrical Episode IX with our own review or editorials about it, but don’t expect us to reference or discuss it until 2020 at the very earliest, if ever at all.  To quote another franchise, “There can be only one.” 😉

Now Teen Titans GO! To The Movies on the other hand, that was a master class in hilarious animated hi-jinx for the young and middle-aged-but-still-young-at-heart to enjoy, so I would just say “GO! see it!” if I were to comment on it; but that’s another topic entirely…

Until next time!

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Hey-ho, everyone!  A few days ago we officially passed into summertime!  Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Yeah, we know, it happens on June 21 every year.”  But for myself, Pete, and Tim, that’s not what I mean by “summertime.”  I’m referring to summertime as “our kids all got out of school last week, which squirrels away the little free time we often have tucked into sub-space pockets for us to access later on.”  😉

If this past week has proven anything to us, it’s that time is even more of a precious commodity and will most likely continue to be for the next two months or so than it was before.  So please bear with us as you may find that updates to the site may come a little more infrequently than you’re used too, but know that we are using our limited free time right now to put it into our Episode IX project even if we might not get a chance to talk it up on here right away.

We’re still here and we’re still working!  Just a little quieter until the summer heat breaks and the kids start filing back onto the buses.  🙂