Welcome to EpisodeIX.org!

Are you a fan of Star Wars and storytelling?  Well, our small, merry band here at EpisodeIX.org sure are!  Although we were among those left sadly disappointed by “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”, it did however inspire our vision of an Episode IX. A vision that we feel brings the final trilogy in the Skywalker Saga together in a natural and rewarding conclusion for these beloved characters; giving them the fitting sendoff that they all deserve.

Not trying to replace the official Episode IX in any way, we just hope to offer a rewarding alternate take on another way the story could have ended. We’ve decided to present our tale in a vintage radio drama format from “A long time ago”, to be released over the course of a dozen podcasts.  You just experienced the teaser of our opening crawl on your way here to the main page, (if a search engine brought you here and you missed it, click here).  The complete feature-length presentation will be revealed on Twitch and YouTube during the 2019 Extra Life event, which raises donations to benefit Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, with a preview being released later on this year. To learn more, please check out the About link at the top of the site.

We are excited to share this wonderful story with everyone and have you join us on our journey. Our hope is that through the simple yet elegant format of a classic radio drama people will be able to experience our version of this final chapter in a very personal and intimate way that will resonate with them.

To stay in the loop, please sign up for our newsletter, The Commlink, and we’ll send you small updates every 4-6 weeks.  Also, we’re currently seeking sound-alike voice actors and storyboard artists, so if you’re interested in signing up, please let us know!

Thanks again for visiting.  We’ve got a wild ride ahead; putting together a radio drama ain’t like dusting crops, boy!

Has it been a week already?!

As hard as it is to believe, Boston’s PAX East 2018 was just last week! It feels both like we just left and like it was ages ago.  Spending a few days immersed in the sights, sounds, and pure zaniness that is PAX will do that to a person.  If you attended this or any previous year’s PAX, I’m sure you know what we’re talking about.

This year, however, “Han Solo” himself was on hand for part of the event to walk the floor, meet the people, and spread the word about EpisodeIX.org to the masses.  If you were at PAX East this year, let us know if you ran into Han!  As you can see below, there was a touch-and-go moment between him and none other than Buzz Lightyear, but in the end, it ended up OK for both of them and they just went after cell phone cameras instead.  Phew!  A noble cause indeed.

"I'm gonna blast you to infinity, and beyond!"

Forget Greedo, the real duel is between Han Solo and Buzz Lightyear!

Buzz, you got a friend in me.

Han Solo and Buzz Lightyear decided they work better together and take on the tyranny of cell phone cameras.

Thanks to everyone at PAX East 2018 for all the kind words, support, and encouragement we received!

Until next time…

– “Han”

The Force is strong with you!


We’re glad to see you found our little, incredibly unfinished, website!  Although the site isn’t really ready to go yet, we sure are!

But “ready to go with what?,” you ask.  The short answer – an alternative take on what a Star Wars Episode IX could be, as told through an audio format with only storyboards being used for the visuals.  Like a narrated picture book from a long time ago.

This is a not-for-profit project being done to coincide with the 2019 Extra-Life event which raises donations for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.  We’re glad you’re here, and we hope you’ll come along on this journey with us.

We’re excited to show and tell you more, but we’ve got more work to do right now, including on this nascent website!  For now, if you’d like to find out more, please sign up for our newsletter, the Commlink, below.  And if you are a digital or physical media artist and would like to volunteer your skills, we would love to have you on-board!  Just make a note of that in the “How did you hear about us” field and we’ll get back in touch with you.

Thanks again everyone for your interest, and may the Force be with you!