Happy New Year, 2019!! We’re back, and we’ve brought a treat!

Hey out there to everyone in this galaxy and those far, far away!  Happy New Year and Happy 2019 to you all!  We hope this new year will bring much success and happiness to you and yours, and much anticipation for our radio drama as we gear up and race headlong to our year-end release!

We’re excited for what this year will bring as we work towards our end-goal, currently planned for release this November; so in addition to this quick update and welcoming of 2019, we also have a teaser for you all as we move slowly ever-closer along.  Today we’d like ring in the new year by sharing with everyone another amazing demo track for your listening enjoyment that Tim has put together for our radio drama!

To set the stage but not give too much away, today’s clip “Moving Amongst Them” would be heard about 15-20 minutes into the radio drama during a stealthy scene with Rey aboard Kylo Ren’s Star Destroyer, The Finalizer.  Hmm, I feel like we’ve discussed a scene with Rey before…  I wonder if they’re related and go together.  😉

Please have a listen from our music library on the right side and leave your comments below to let us know how the piece makes you feel and what thoughts and images it may bring to your mind.  We’d love to hear your feedback!  🙂

Thanks as always for taking the time to stop by today and every day you visit us.  We truly appreciate your interest and support, it really means the world to us and we hope you enjoy what we can’t wait to deliver to you all later on this year.

Until next time!

The first demo track of our soundtrack is available… RIGHT. NOW!

Hey out there all you Jedi ghosts and Sith spirits!

In honor of my friend, and the Radio Drama’s composer, Tim’s first post the other day, and today being Halloween, we have just released our first demo track for the Alt Episode IX Radio Drama soundtrack!

We’ve picked one of the slower, more sinister demos today in light of (or should I say in dark of?) Halloween, so please feel free to have a listen in the Soundtrack Box on the top right.  We hope you enjoy it and that it gives you a lovely sense of dread as you ponder just what that nefarious Kylo Ren could be up to…  😉

Stay tuned, we’ve got a lot more coming as 2019 draws near. We hope you’re as excited to learn more as we are to share it with you!

Until next time!

Why I want to write the music to this script.

Hi all,

Tim here, just chiming in while I have a free minute. So let’s see, what should I say…

Well, I guess I should start with a thank you to Jarrett.  Thanks for letting me participate in this exciting endeavor.  After watching The Last Jedi I felt, for lack of better words, used. I mean Luke Skywalker was back, I could hardly contain my inner child! And then the movie happened…. I was so disappointed. I mean yeah, special effects were great. Finn, very likable….I could even deal with space Leia. However between the lead up to Snoke’s demise, Kylo’s incessant whining, and Luke’s, “don’t worry guys, I’ll smurf us out of this!” answer to victory, I was left speechless. Had Disney used a beloved childhood character to catfish me into a movie ticket? ….yup.

Fast forward a few months, I receive a partially completed script describing events a bit differently….better. Written in a way that was somehow familiar. I know these characters! YES, (that character) would do that! Finn….oh Finn, you knuckle head. I was on the edge of my seat reading the script…Jarrett couldn’t write fast enough…and the end scene…simply amazing.

This script is Star Wars!


We’re on the right ‘track!

Soundtrack, that is!

I had a little tune I dreamt up for an escape scene early on in the script that was bouncing around in my head when I woke up a few days ago and I just couldn’t seem to shake it.  I thought to myself “Maybe this is something good, something that would work,” so I rang up Tim, my friend and our musical composer, to see if I could swing by his place and talk to him about it.  He said to come on by, so two days ago I went over to see him and effectively hummed to him to the best of my ability what it was that I was “hearing” in my mind.

It was both awkward and slightly embarrassing, but in a goofy kind of a way.  You know when you can hear a song so clearly in your mind and then you go to sing or hum it and you just can’t focus in on it at all no matter how hard you try?  Your mouth is making a sound, but whatever that sound is, it doesn’t match up with what you’re hearing in your head?  Well, I was struggling against that, and in the face of Tim clearly trying to intently listen to specifically what sounds I was making as I feebly fought to extract the tune from my head well enough for him to understand what I was hearing.

Fast forward to today.
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