The first demo track of our soundtrack is available… RIGHT. NOW!

Hey out there all you Jedi ghosts and Sith spirits!

In honor of my friend, and the Radio Drama’s composer, Tim’s first post the other day, and today being Halloween, we have just released our first demo track for the Alt Episode IX Radio Drama soundtrack!

We’ve picked one of the slower, more sinister demos today in light of (or should I say in dark of?) Halloween, so please feel free to have a listen in the Soundtrack Box on the top right.  We hope you enjoy it and that it gives you a lovely sense of dread as you ponder just what that nefarious Kylo Ren could be up to…  😉

Stay tuned, we’ve got a lot more coming as 2019 draws near. We hope you’re as excited to learn more as we are to share it with you!

Until next time!